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Training Troops is a Great Idea

The Toronto Star is reporting that President Bush is expected to ask Prime Minister Martin to send Canadian troops to help with the training of Iraqi troops when they meet later this month. If Martin agrees, the force will be made up of 40 soldiers who would be part of a larger NATO force that would be preparing the new Iraqi army to stand on its own after American troops exit the country.

I think that Mr. Martin should agree to sent the 40 troops, training the Iraqi military is the right thing to do. This would be another step in the right direction for Canada, first we trained Iraqi election officials in Jordan, before last months historic election, now we must help the country defend its people against the terrorists that threaten them and the stability of the region.

I think Canada can have a positive effect on the outcome of Iraq's democracy, our military has many top notch individuals that could make a difference for the people of Iraq. This is the type of job Canada, as a second tier power, will excel at. Training Iraqi soldiers and rebuilding Iraq is in the best interests of everybody in the world, except for the remaining dictators in Iran and Syria, that is.

Anyway, with enough support, from as many nations as possible, Iraq can turn out to be a great success story, it would be a shame to let the opportunity slip away now. So its up to the Mr. Martins of the world to decide just how easy or hard the task will be.

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