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These Numbers Don't Add Up

During a crisis on the Korean peninsula the US would deploy 690000 troops to defend the south? Hmm... This would be made up of 70% of the marine corps, 50% of the air force, and 40% of the navy.

Now I'm not saying that the South Korean government is misleading it's people but these numbers don't add up. Given that the US has about 130000 (rough estimate since I'm too lazy to look it up) in Iraq with people are already complaining about a shortage of manpower just where in heck do they plan to find 690000 people to defend South Korea?

I personally find it unlikely that the US would institute a draft if a war broke out on the Korean peninsula. Maybe they would but I find it unlikely. So where does that lead us? Well either the US is feeding the South Korean government a pile of crap to help them relax or the South Korean government is the one feeding the pile of crap to it's people. I'm sure getting a good nights sleep while living next to North Korea is a lot easier knowing that the US will rain hell down on someone threatening you.

Regardless, the numbers don't make sense.

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