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A New Advisor for Martin

A lot of people had big hopes for Paul Martin, he was going to be the next great Prime Minister of Canada in many people's eyes. But now most of us know it was all an illusion, he has shown no leadership skills and has turned into a blithering idiot since he has become our PM. Could it get any worse for Mr. Martin?

Yes it could, it appears our PM has turned into Robert Fisk, oh the horror! Check out what Mr. Martin has to say about the Syrian occupation of Lebanon after the murder of Rafik Hariri,
"It's clear that if the Syrians are in Lebanon, it's because peace has to be maintained and there has certainly been a failure,"
Then compare Martin's statement to one made by Robert Fisk,
"The Syrian troops in Lebanon were peace-keepers, were they not, authorized by the Arab league?"
Nice Paul, real nice, hundreds of thousands of Lebanese are marching in the streets chanting anti-Syria slogans, and many world leaders are condemning Syria for the occupation, and this is the best you can do! Its a sad day.

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