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More 9/11s Needed ?

The now famous Ward Churchill is at it again, in an interview with Satya magazine, Churchill was asked about the effectiveness of protests against U.S. policies and the Iraq war, and this is how he responded. Full story here
"One of the things I've suggested is that it may be that more 9/11s are necessary."
So that's how the cultural elite, such as Churchill, deal with things that they don't agree with. If dumb Americans can't see the world through Churchill's eyes, he figures they should be killed by the thousand until they learn their lesson. Classy, Ward, real classy.

Isn't what Ward is suggesting a little like how Stalin and the mass murdering dictators of the world ruled over their populations? If the masses don't agree with what you're trying to sell them, expose them to violence until they fall in line and follow the party line. That is what Churchill is saying, isn't he?

[ Via Neale News ]

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