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I Think I'm Getting Old

Did you ever get the brilliant idea that you'ld like to get your act together and try and learn something new? Well I've had one of those moments recently.

Last week I decided that I'ld like to learn to play chess again. I used to play a little bit, I wasn't very good but I was just good enough that I could convince other people that I knew what I was doing.

Anyways my brilliant idea has bitten me in the ass. I suck! I don't mean that I'm bad, I'm an embarrassment.

Thursday night I downloaded a chess program that allows me to play against players with various Elo ratings and weaknesses. Anyways, I've been playing computer opponents with Elo ratings around 1400-1600 and I don't think I've won a match yet.

De... pressing.

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Michael said...

Have you thought about playing against Bob?