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Do I Get A Refund?

Now that a consortium including CTV have won the rights to the 2010 Winter Games and the 2012 Summer Olympics I'm curious to know if I'll be getting a small tax cut for the money CBC won't be spending.

The thought of looking into how our government funds its various pet projects strikes the fear of God into me, but I'm curious to know how funding for the CBC is determined. Is the CBC given a budget every year that they must stick to or does it vary year-to-year depending on what television rights they win? Either way, according to my rough estimates I figure I should get at least $10 back?

On the other hand, now that the CBC has plenty of spare cash lying around perhaps we'll be blessed with more of that high-quality 'Canadian content' they are so well known for. Duck! Don't let the sarcasm hit you...

Anyways, the thing that makes me happiest about all this is that I won't be bombarded with 18 ads every hour telling me how funny Rick Mercer is. It's not that I don't find Rick Mercer funny but I've often wondered if anyone at the CBC ever heard of the concept of 'over exposure'?

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