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Chretien is a Bum

Is Jean Chretien so out of touch with the people of Canada that he thinks his crappy little trying to save the country excuse is going to save his already tarnished legacy?

The majority of Canadians are not pissed off because you thought you were saving the country from breaking up Jean, they're pissed off because your government, which you are ultimately responsible for, decided to create a program that was lining the pockets of your Liberal buddies throughout Quebec to the tune of a hundred million dollars.

That's why Canadians are mad Jean, because a lot of them, for some unknown reason to me, trusted your dumb ass and this is how you repaid them for that trust, by wasting their hard earned money on your stinking golf buddies. And, then to top it all off you act like a smug prick about the whole situation. But that's alright Jean, keep throwing gas on the flames, it will make it all that much better in the end.

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