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Bring Sponsorship to the Middle East

Pierre Pettigrew is looking for ways that Canada can assist or play a role in helping Israel and the Palestinians reach a peace deal that both sides can live with, which in time would bring peace and stability to the Middle East. Pettigrew's mission is noble and should be supported by all Canadians, so I'm here to suggest a solution to winning the peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

In my opinion all it would take to solve the decades old dispute, is to get Jean Chretien and his stable of Liberal ad gurus together that gave us the federal sponsorship program and get them to apply their vast knowledge of bringing estranged peoples together to this problem. After all, Jean and the gang did save the country from breaking apart with just 250 millions dollars. Which is truly amazing, and to think people are mad at him for it, imagine what he could do if he had 500 million!

They could set up a similar program to what he used in Canada and apply those same principals towards bridging the gap between the Palestinians and Israel. How much harder could it be than what he did in Canada? Sure the Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for years, but Jean has already smoothed relations between the foes of one age old feud and saved a country, why not another?

So how's that for a plan, take the sponsorship program, along with Chretien's genius, and adapt it to work for the Palestinians and Israelis, instead of Quebecers and the rest of Canada. I would have to say it would be foolproof, how could Chretien not succeed, except for a little waste, but in the end it would all be worth it. And I remind you, he did save Canada.

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