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A Beginning?

Come tomorrow the people of Spain will have been the first to say 'yae' or 'nae' on the European constitution and whether a European superstate should be created. The safe money is that Spain will confidently say 'yae' to the proposition because of the enormous monetary benefit they have enjoyed since they joined the club in 1986.

The results in many other countries is uncertain but the safe money would also say that over the next year at least one European nation will say 'nae' to the proposal. All I can say to that prospect is thanks the heavens!

The European constitution is 511 pages long. The constitution! Constitutions are supposed to contain the basic building blocks of a society: the obligations of and the restrictions on the various levels of government. A 511 page constitution is a bureacrats wet dream. It will probably also turn out to be a citizens nightmare.

Regardless of the details, the future of Europe will be interesting with or without the passing of the constitution. Declining birth rates, economic malaise, and unresolved racial issues, all indicate that the future of Europe will probably be very messy. And lets be serious, what modern attempt at creating a European superstate hasn't ended in absolute failure and utter destruction? None that I can think of.

So will Europe be a toothless tiger or a global menace? Notice how I left out any possibility of a responsible member of the international community? It wasn't by accident.


Anonymous said...

I used to think , before 9/11, that the EU was a great idea. I have Danish relatives who kept telling me that they would prefer to be their own country. I agree with them now, but my problem had been that I wrongly saw the EU as primarily a trade union. In fact it’s the ugly bureaucratic animal that Maude Barlow had been wrongly warning Canadians about on NAFTA, i.e. that NAFTA would rob our sovereignty. We Canadians are in danger of losing our sovereignty but it has nothing to do with NAFTA. Our sovereignty will be just fine if we have the cajones to rebuild our military, plus have a Parliamentary debated Foreign Policy that decides “coalition of the willing” issues without deferring to the corrupt UN – the Temple of the left.

But why isn’t Maude et al warning the EU countries that they will be flushing their history down the toilet and letting the big dogs – France and Germany decide their Foreign Policy? As Chirac warned the new countries coming into the EU a couple of years ago
“ you have an opportunity to be quiet” - this was when these former communist countries had the audacity to back Bush’s idea of bringing freedom to the Iraqis.

Dana says “next year at least one European nation will say 'nae' to the proposal” , I’m hoping that’s the Brits and the Danes who still have such a love for General Montgomery I think they’ll follow the Brits on this one. Chris Cummins from the UK sometimes comments on this Blog , I’d be interested in his thoughts on the EU.

Cheers … nomdenet

Pianoman said...

Hopeless, utterly hopeless. But, without the EU, who would have any reason to listen to Jack Chirac?