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Back To The Routine

Well for those of you who care, San Antonio was much warmer than Ottawa. Ha suckers! It was certainly a nice city, especially the Riverwalk area with nice restaurants and nice scenery. For anyone visiting the city I suggest you check out the margaritas at Chachos. Sweet...

Anyways it seems that the world has been busy since I left. Foremost we have the Iraqi people proving that they are willing to take their future into their own hands.

We also had G.W. giving his state of the union speech. For the most part the speech was pretty standard. I listened to it today and I liked how he mentioned the need for Egypt and Saudi Arabia to persue reforms.

We also saw how the Liberal Party plans to pass it's gay-marriage legislation. Apparently the party that believes so highly in addressing our democratic deficit doesn't want certain members of their party to vote on the gay-marriage legislation. Are they bigots? Homophobes? Ostracize them damn it!

It couldn't be that they simply disagree with the legislation is it? Sorry I must be talking crazy.

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