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Back To Pakistan

There is an interesting story at The Hindustan Times about the Pakistani army being given orders to shoot at American forces crossing over from Afganistan:
In what is seen as the first signal of Pakistan's assertion against US policies in its area, Islamabad has ordered the army to shoot at US troops if they intrude into the country from Afghanistan without authorisation.

"Pakistan has issued new rules of engagement permitting its army to fire at US forces that cross the border from Afghanistan without coordinating first," the Daily Times newspaper said Tuesday in a report from Washington.
Based on the story it appears that Musharraf is under pressure due to American intentions with Iran:
The Pakistan president is also said to be unhappy about the recent abrupt withdrawal of Predators and other surveillance resources from Pakistan for transfer to Iraq for use against Iran, the report said.

Quoting high-level Pakistani sources, it said Musharraf and his army chiefs "expended a great deal of political capital" in their support of the Al-Qaeda hunt, clashing frequently with hostile tribesmen along the border.

"The US Central Command's January announcement that the drones and other supporting surveillance technologies that were being used against Al-Qaeda would be withdrawn to support 'elections in Iraq' was an unpleasant surprise, particularly when 'in Iraq' turned out to be a euphemism for 'against Iran'," it added.
None of this is particularly suprising given the situation in Pakistan but it does help to explain all those UFO sightings in Iran.

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