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K.J. Lopez at The Corner points out this piece of insanity:
Art, design and politics meet in Joanna Rytel's jewellery collection "Happy abortion-children". Her earrings, brooches, necklaces and rings formed as aborted foetuses, takes a stand for abortion. The idea can be said to be a continuation of her project "" on the internet. There many have told of the guilt they have felt after having an abortion. "I wondered about why this was and I believe that it is society that induces the guilt, particularly for girls. I want to do something about it."

Joanna Rytel has herself had an abortion, but felt no guilt. "Despite that it is a little sad to have an abortion. But one does it for the child's sake. It would not have been good to have a child half-heartedly. They have it much better in heaven than if they hade been born. I thought that it would be good to make jewellery, because then people can carry their happy abortion-children with them," she says.
What the hell is in the drinking water over there in Sweden? Sweet suffering!

She had an abortion for 'the child's sake'? Please tell me this women is on lots and lots of medication. According to Joanna, the children have it much 'better in heaven'? What kind of freaking church does this woman go to? And 'happy abortion-children'?

I swear that when Europe is gone (and I have little doubt that in a 100 years it will be) I'm not likely to shed many tears.

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