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Warplanes Buzz Iranian Airspace

If you like stories that are exciting but are not proven fact yet, then today is your day because I have another for you.

Today, Iran claims that U.S. fighter aircraft have been buzzing Iranian air space, leading them to believe that the U.S. is preparing to strike at their nuclear facilities. Full story here

This story is not a proven fact yet, but it seems that the U.S. has been flying low altitude missions from both Iraq and Afganistan in the direction of Iran's borders. These flights could be used to test Iran's air defence systems and to map the location of Iran's nuclear facilities. Very interesting indeed.

Does anybody think that this is the real deal? Or is it possible that the U.S. is just trying to scare Iran into making concessions with regards to their nuclear programs? Or could it be that the U.S. is just creating a diversion so that it will be easier for Israel to carry out the attack? What's your opinion.

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