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That's The Way To Do It

Today Rural Revolution is suffering through the bitter cold in order to shut down part of the 401:
In bitterly cold temperatures, a protest by Ontario farmers began as planned Friday morning on Highway 401 near Ingersoll, Ont.

“We're under way. Tractors have left the staging area and converging on the Putnam Road interchange,” said Randy Hillier of the Rural Revolution Protest group, which organized the protest.
For the most part I agree with the Rural Revolution and their concerns.

Being from a small farming community myself it is easy to see how 'city slickers' try to impose their beliefs and regulations on people they know nothing about. The sad part is that rural communities have willingly conceded their rights and way of life without so much as a wimper. Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Ron Bonnett, is more than willing to go along with the charade:
This may only serve to alienate the people we need support from, rather than get their support.
This seems a lot like the response to Danny Williams back in Newfoundland: Get back in your place or else.

Alienate? You don't say Ron? Who is alienating who here anyways? If cities want to impose themselves on rural communities then it is about time that someone pointed out the consequences. The reality is that rural folks could bring our cities to a grinding halt quicker than it takes to read a press release.

How willing would city folks be to impose gun control on our farmers if the consequence was that the city folks wouldn't be able to get to work the next day? If unions can block roads and end up getting what they want then why can't a community?

It is a simple concept. If rural communities want to maintain what they hold dear then they better make sure that city folks understand the consequences of their meddling.

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