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Space Fetish

Michael of The Blue Maple Leaf has a post up about Jack Layton and his obsession with the 'weaponization of space'.

Like Michael, I find Layton's harping on the subject quite amusing for a bunch of reasons.

The first reason is that countries all over the world are working on anti-missle systems and yet Layton only finds time to complain about the proposed American system. Russia recently tested a system and Layton for some bizarre reason didn't find a need to comment on it.

The second reason is that the weaponization of space started long ago. Most advanced nations have some sort of military application that is dependent on GPS. Examples would be precision missiles or the guidance systems used by both our air force and navy.

Once a military is dependent on satellite technology they have just encouraged the 'weaponization of space'. That technology is a valid target during conflict and it should be expected that hostile nations will try and interrupt its operation. A country like Canada certainly can not go to war and then whine and complain because somebody neutralized our GPS capability can we? Jack? Any thoughts?

So since Canada uses and is dependent on such technology aren't we directly responsible for the 'weaponization of space'?

Something for Layton to chew on I guess.

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