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Request For Input

Well folks it's about that time that I ask for your opinion of canadiancomment.

I'm not looking for input as to our content or writing ability (though I'll take any in this area if you're got it). I'm more interested in the technical side of things such as:

1) Site layout
2) Readability
3) Text size and font
4) Browsers that massacre our layout

Basically how does the site compare to others that you visit? Better or worse? Is there anything about the layout that really annoys you?

Any input you can give will be greatly appreciated.


As a little background information as too why I'm asking these questions, I tried to make some modifications yesterday that would allow me to increase the number of outgoing links to other sites. I tried decreasing the text size on the sidebar but I found that to be ugly. I also considered adding a sidebar to the left of the main column (three column layout) but I found that it made things appear crowded.

At the moment I'm kind of at a loss.

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