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No Big Surprise

A recent United Nations report has stopped short of calling the situation in Darfur, 'genocide'. Is anyone surprised by this? Full story here
"Diplomats at the UN's headquarters in New York confirmed to the Associated Press that the report stopped short of using the word to describe the killings of tens of thousands of civilians over the past two years. However, the diplomats said the report strongly criticizes the role the Sudanese government played in not stopping the killings and rapes of Darfur residents by armed Arab militiamen called Janjaweed."
Its not all bad news though, the U.N. did strongly criticize the role which the Sudanese government played in the genocide mass migration. I imagine those strong words will make any nation think twice about committing a similar crime.

Strongly criticize, that pretty well takes the cake. Next time someone kicks me in the nuts, I'm going to strongly criticize them, and if that doesn't work I'll do it again and again until my point is clear. What's the point of the UN, if it doesn't do the job it is supposed to do?

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Jeff said...


I am glad to find a Canadian with some common sense. I am Canadian who has lived in California for the last 20 years and at times I become very concerned with the politics up north.