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New Poll Numbers

The newest poll numbers are out, the Liberals and the CPC are still numbers one and two in party support throughout the country, with 37% and 29% respectively. Not very shocking at all, the Liberals with the underwhelming Paul Martin at the helm, have fallen two points since the last poll, while the CPC have gaining one single point.

Not much to talk about at all, except for the fact that the NDP are still pulling down 20%, that plus the Bloc Québécois are solid at 11%. Isn't that wonderful, socialist fruit cakes who's ideas have been outdated since Micheal Jackson's first plastic surgery, and people that want to separate from Canada are pulling down over 30% of the country's support. Throw in a few percent for the greenies and it turns out to be a pretty ugly little picture.

Just goes to show you how much more work the CPC still has to do to broaden its support base across the country, when the combines total of the NDP, Bloc Québécois and Green Party bests the CPC by about 3 or 4 points.

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