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Lazy Bunch of Bums

The marketing team from Subway have to be the laziest bunch of bums on the planet. This whole Jarrod thing has been getting old now for about two years, its time to put an end to Jarrod. Get off your lazy asses people and come up with a new ad campaign, for the good of the company and the sanity of those who live on this wonderful little planet. Jarrod should be in about as many commercials as Robert Blake, he has that kind of effect on people.

The only team of ad gurus that are worse than the Subway gang, are the morons from McCains who thought it would be a good idea to bring back the little kid who eats fries and doesn't talk. The adult version of the kid will sell about as many fries as showing your uncle Carl chewing Red Man and spitting in the bags of fries before they're sealed. Are these people in the right line of work? Are they trying to get fired?

It takes a real clunker of a commercial to turn people off your product, but it seems that there are more and more of them all the time. I know, I need something better to do with my time than complain about the sorry state of advertisements, but with some of the shit that some of these companies are coming up with, its really hard not to notice the lack of quality. Anybody else notice this too?

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