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The Last Nazi

Saddly I've got to agree:
It seems to me that any outrage going ought to be deployed against the media for trivializing the Holocaust by pretending to think that such "symbolism" betokened anything real. As Mick Hume pointed out in the Times, "the farther into history the Second World War retreats, the more obsessed with Nazis the news seems to become." This, he thinks, is because the Holocaust "has become perhaps the last moral absolute in an uncertain world. At a time when it seems hard to create a consensus about what is right and wrong on anything from euthanasia to GM food, it is comforting to remind ourselves of the one issue on which we can agree: that there remains a clear line between good and evil." He goes on to decry other familiar uses of Nazi symbolism in the media, such as comparing any stray bit of authoritarian behavior as "fascist" or the slaughter of chickens as a "Holocaust." He might also have mentioned the comparisons in recent weeks between the Asian tsunami and the Holocaust.
Go read the whole thing.

The author does bring up a good question: Do lefties in general throw around the Nazi/Facist label because those are the few remaining things that lefties in general can identify as evil?

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