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La La La

Well I'm heading out of town for the next week so my posting will be fairly light (or more accurately, non-existent). While all you suckers are freezing your rears off I'll be soaking up some sun in Texas (with my luck I'm walking straight into a natural disaster). Now I must say that I will be working so it won't be all fun and games but at least I'll be able to walk outside without ski goggles and a parka.

Alright. I don't wear ski goggles or a parka all day. Small details but you get my point.

Anyways before I bail and leave the ship to Bob I'ld just like to throw a few things out there.

First off due to Grahame's suggestion I've torched the non-blog links that were on our sidebar. I'll admit they were a mess but it just became so convienient to stick links there. Back to bookmarks I go. Hopefully it'll clean the site up a bit. Plus now I can add more links! Get yours now! 20 bones! Any takers?

Alright, you've got me again. There is no need to send cash. Just a kindly worded email will do.

Also, thanks to Andrew, I'm now a big fan of Thunderbird. This thing kicks ass as an RSS reader. It does use a bit more memory than it probably should but considering that it downloads the actual linked post, HTML and all, it's not bad.

I also like Thunderbird because the writer of a blog gets credit for a visitor in their site statistics (due to the download of the actual post). Tools like Bloglines, which I like very much, don't give the writer that recognition. Also since it downloads the actual post the writer gets some eyes on any advertising he/she may have on their site. If the writer took the time to write something you should at least take the time to ignore the advertising, right? Fair is fair. No?

Anyways, thanks for visiting, and I'll see you all in a week or so.

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