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Kyoto Enforcement

According to this story Canada is even further behind in meeting it's Kyoto obligations than previously thought:
Canada's rapidly growing energy-intensive economy could make it significantly more difficult for this country to meet its obligations under the controversial Kyoto accord, senior officials are warning Ottawa.

They have alerted the Prime Minister's Office that the magnitude of the greenhouse-gas emissions cuts Canada must make under the treaty has already jumped 25 per cent because of rapid economic growth.

This could mean a bigger political headache for Paul Martin, whose officials are scrambling to fulfill his promise to "honour Kyoto" but not overburden Canadian business.

Since 2002, the federal Liberal government has described its Kyoto obligations as a requirement to cut output of greenhouse-gas emissions by 240 megatonnes.

"We now think the gap is more like 300 MT," senior officials warned the PMO and other departments in a recent critique of climate-change abatement proposals titled "Project Green: Overview and Summary Analysis."
Now I've always said that Canada won't meet it's obligations under the treaty but my question is what enforcement mechanisms exist under the treaty?

I honestly don't have any idea and I've seem very little discussion on the subject.

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