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The Iraqi Vote

Given that the Iraqi vote is scheduled for January 30th I think I should get a few thoughts down on paper (or in this case spend some time organizing electrons).

While most surveys of the Iraqi population have about 80% of people saying they intend to vote we are still bombarded by the 'talking heads' telling us how much of a disaster Iraq is and how the country is about to decend into civil war.

If the 'talking heads' want to keep changing their story (which I think they have but I'm not going to waste my time showing it) then that is fine with me. Regardless of their opinions I think I should just state how I will determine if the elections are a success.

The first criteria I have is that over 70% of the population should have taken part in the process. Heck if less than 60% is good enough for Canada or the US it should be plenty for Iraq.

The second criteria I have is that at least 80% of the representatives in the National Council should be selected. I suspect that at the end of the day the vast majority will be selected but as far as I'm concerned it isn't a requirement.

That ladies and gentlemen is it. If those two criteria can be met then I'ld consider the entire process a success. Will there be bombings? Most likely. So what? Will some parties complain about the results and claim that fraud took place? Probably. Once again, so what? Election irregularities happen in Canada and none of us claim that the sky is falling so why should be have such a higher standard for Iraq? We shouldn't and to expect otherwise is foolish.

Are my criteria to slack? I guess I'll know in a couple of weeks.

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