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Iran is Talking Tough Too

There has been plenty of talk lately about a military strike by the United States and/or Israel to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities. Today Iran responded with a little tough talk of its own,
"Iran will retaliate against any stupid moves by Israel,"
"We will counter any stupid action by Israel and its master with firmness and in an astonishing way," - Iranian Brigadier-General Mohammad Ali Jafari
Fair enough, I guess, you'd have to expect a country to defend itself against an attack against its national interests. But Brigadier-General Mohammad Ali Jafari seems a little to over confident to me, when he was talking about the capabilities of Iran's military.
"We pushed the Baathist enemy from our country within [18 months],"
Really Mohammad, you fought the Iraqis to a stand still in the 80's, and this is your reason for being confident in your abilities to punish America and Israel if they are foolish enough to attack your country? Please tell me you have another reason, you did see how the Iraqi army has done in two wars since then? Here's a little hint Mohammad, not very stinking good.

Here's a little helpful advice for the good General and the Mullahs, if you are actually working to create nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, then open up your facilities to inspection teams and prove it. If everything is on the up and up, then you're free to continue on your way, if not, then expect some trouble in the future, its your decision.

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