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Happy New Year

Well folks another year has passed and it is time to evaluate the past year and do some holiday cleanup.

First off I'ld like to introduce a few sites to our blogroll:

Right-Wing & Right Minded
Tout le monde en parle
Skeet Skeet Skeet
John the Mad

So how did 2004 go for canadiancomment? According to eXTReMe Tracking we had a total of 33414 unique visitors. Those of you who actually know how to write (and hence have high traffic) might be saying 'So what?' to which I'ld respond by saying that my goal for this year was to hit 20000 so all in all I'ld consider that a success. Last year was the first full year for canadiancomment so I didn't have any illusions that we would conquer the blogosphere.

Anyways, so what does 2005 have in store for us? I guess our goal for this year is to reach 50000 unique visitors in 2005. We've averaged over 4000 visitors for the last couple of months so if we can keep that up then 50000 is achieveable.

Anyways, enough of that. On to normal things.

Happy New Year.

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