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Government Compassion is Conditional

I would like to start by saying that I'm happy to see so many governments around the world providing much needed assistance to the victims of last month's Tsunami. That being said, I think its shameful that the compassion of the world's nations, Canada included, is conditional on the ease of the task at hand. Not on whether their help is actually needed or not.

For example, take the outpouring of generosity by most governments around the world to help ease the suffering of the victims of the Tsunami in Asia, which was good. Then compare that to what the world's nations did to help the people of Darfur, which was bad. Sure one tragedy was man-made, while the other was a natural occurrence, but the end result was the same. Thousands of people died, many thousands more were left homeless and starving, yet one problem only received lip service, while the other brought the nations of the world together to help.

Why the difference? Simple, the crisis caused by the Tsunami was a far easier task for governments to handle. Donate money, offer assistance, meet with other donor nations and get your picture taken while doing so. All in a days work for today's robotic politicians. On the other hand, Darfur required military intervention, making it risky enough, so that many of these so-called compassionate governments could ignore it without blinking an eye. How's that for morality?

I tend to agree with Paul Martin when he says that caring for, and helping those who have suffered from unbearable circumstances around the world, is the "Canadian Way". But I'd like him to explain to me why this only applies some of the time. I think the world needs a kind and compassionate Canada more than ever, I just wish we had the means to provide the world with more of what we have to offer.

Most governments came thought with flying colours this time around, but will they the next time the suffering of the world need their assistance? Well, that all depends now, doesn't it?

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