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Gomery's Objectivity in Question

Lawyers for the former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, want Justice John Gomery to step down as head of the inquiry into the sponsorship scandal because they say he lacks objectivity. Today Gormery, no doubt to make Chretien's lawyers squirm even more, announced that he is willing to take the federal government to court if he doesn't get access to all the government documents he thinks are necessary to put all the pieces of the puzzle, that is the sponsorship scandal into place. Full story here

It is possible that Gomery is biased, but I'd say it has more to do with the fact the Gormery is digging around in few places that Jean and his gang of lawyers don't want him to be. My guess is, that Jean is more worried that Justice Gormery is going to dig up something extremely embarrassing on him, more than he is actually worried about his objectivity. Would his lawyers care this much about getting rid of Gormery, if Jean has nothing to hide, or is that the problem, he does have something to hide?

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