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Gay Bomb?

Well no one can accuse the American military of not thinking outside the box:
The Pentagon was considering developing a 'homosexual sex bomb' designed to make enemy troops gay, it has been revealed.

The bomb would release a chemical aphrodisiac that would get the soldiers frisky and make them irresistible to each other.

It was hoped their "distasteful but completely non-lethal" homosexual behaviour would hit moral in the barracks, the New Scientist reports.

The plan was just one of many ideas put forward by scientists looking at new kinds of fighting.

Another proposal suggested spraying enemy troops with a chemical that would make their breath smell.

The "severe and lasting halitosis" would allow American troops to work out who was a foreign fighter and who was a civilian once combat was over.

There were also plans to coat soldiers with chemicals that would attract angry wasps and rats.

Another idea suggested making the skin of soldiers hypersensitive to the sun.
Now that's just mint. It would be kind of hard to fight the jihad with little Mohammed stuck in Ahmed's backside wouldn't it?

Either way, I wonder if pacifists would consider these developements good or bad? On the plus side less people would be killed in combat. But of course you'ld have all kinds of people (i.e. lefties) complaining and saying that the Americans weren't playing fair. Of course no one ever said war was fair. As Dennis Miller once said:
There are some people who have said that America isn't playing fair by firing missiles at human targets from miles away. Who said war had to be fair? I don't want fair. I want to win. You want hand-to-hand combat? Rent a Jackie Chan video OK.

[Via Nealenews]

You know it's becoming obvious that if it wasn't for Brian I'ld have nothing to write about. Thanks again Brian.

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