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Don't Forget About Israel

There has been plenty of speculation lately about a possible strike by the United States on Iran's nuclear facilities. Plenty of rumors have been making the rounds lately about American special forces on the ground inside of Iran, as well as America fighter aircraft doing reconnaissance of possible Iranian targets, these are just two of the most popular stories that I've read lately.

But it seems to me that the attention of most people is being wrongly placed on America, I think that its much more likely that Israel will be the ones doing the bombing, not America. Israel has much more to lose if Iran develops a nuclear option than America does, that plus we all know what Israel will do if it sees a nation that is hostel to it on the verge of making the bomb. Anybody remember what happened to Iraq's Osiraq reactor?

Today Dick Cheney expressed similar thoughts on the subject,
"If, in fact, the Israelis became convinced the Iranians had significant nuclear capability, given the fact that Iran has a stated policy that their objective is the destruction of Israel, the Israelis might well decide to act first, and let the rest of the world worry about cleaning up the diplomatic mess afterwards,"
Maybe Cheney is just trying to take some of the heat off of the Bush administration by placing some of the spotlight on Israel, but I think his statement is legitimate.

Soon after the holocaust, Israel's leaders made a vow to never suffer from a situation such as the holocaust again, where the survival of the Jewish people was in doubt. Today many Israelis see Iran's development of nuclear weapons as a potential threat to their survival and will do whatever is in their power to neutralize that threat, even if it means starting a shit storm to do so.

I just can't see Israel leaving the destruction of a target as important as Iran's nuclear facilities to someone else, even if it is the Americans. They have come too far as a country and fought too many wars of survival to take a back seat to someone else when it comes down to something this big.

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