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Dallaire Thinks its a Travesty Too

Add retired Gen. Roméo Dallaire to the growing list of people who think that its wonderful that Canada is doing so much to help the Tsunami victims in Asia, but also thinks its a travesty that Canada has done little or nothing to help those suffering in Darfur. Full story here
"I applaud the enormous work that we're doing and we must do with the catastrophe that is going on in Asia. But I am guilty and distraught by our ability to totally abandon a whole other group of humans,"
"As we pour ourselves into the great sense of commitment to humanity in Asia ... we must also have that same courage and determination, and demand of our politicians the same commitment to areas where the crisis is not by natural catastrophe but by human catastrophe,"
And the absence of Canada in the forefront of Darfur, in Sudan is a travesty."
Retired Gen. Roméo Dallaire is right, the government of Canada and the rest of the world's governments can not ignore problems like Rwanda and Darfur just because they are difficult tasks to solve. Shame on our politicians for skipping out on the hard tasks, while they pat themselves on the back for taking on the easy ones.

[ Via Neale News ]

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