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Crosbie On Newfs

John Crosbie writes today about why Newfoundlanders are angry about Canada's handling of issues related to natural resources.

Now I must say that I'm not a Newf, though I often get mistaken for one, but I've got to side with the Newfs on this one. Most provinces have had some sort of conflict with Ottawa over resources and one time or another. Except Ontario and Quebec of course.

In the case with Newfoundland Crosbie says:
The 56 years since 1949 have seen the vital interests of Newfoundland and Labrador ignored by Canada, with the resources either poorly administered and depleted -- as in the case of the cod and other fish species -- or with the province's economic and revenue needs ignored, as in the development of the offshore and hydro power resources.
And I know some of you will think it odd that a guy writing at a site called canadiancomment would agree with someone removing Canadian flags from public building but... to hell with you all I'm gonna do it anyways. Danny Williams was right.

And any of you smucks who cry 'Oh my God my Blessed flag' can go and stuff it. The government of Quebec has pissed all over the Canadian flag and no one gives a damn. Yet when the Newfs do the same everyone gets uppity and offended. Please. Consistency folks, consistency.

Anyways as a Maritimer I understand the emotions that would cause Williams to do what he did. The federal government through it's various programs have turned a strong and independent people (I'm speaking of Maritimers in general here) and turned them into slaves. Those may be strong words but as far as I'm concerned they are the truth.

In the case of PEI, whenever federal elections come along, ACOA ramps into high gear throwing money around like it grew on trees. And the sad part of it all is that Maritimers now climb all over each other trying to get their share of the riches. It is enough to bring a person to tears.

Before anyone complains about Williams removing the flags they should consider what they would do if their pride and independence had been ripped out from under them. When the cards are stacked against a person all they have left are symbols.

And symbols are very powerful.

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