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Communication Needed

A man from the United Arab Emirates, beat his wife after he read her outgoing messages to a friend of hers and was fined 3000 dirhams for the offence. There's more to this story than that though, so keep reading. Here are a couple of the messages, which the man thought were directed towards him. Full story here
"He doesn't listen to me. He doesn't like the food I give him."
"He ruins the furniture. The apartment is always messy because of him. He has become very naughty and disobedient lately."
First of all beating your wife is bad, and secondly beating your wife because you thought she was talking about you when she was actually talking about the family dog is totally stupid. If there was ever a need for some communication between a wife and husband, this was it.

What gives anyway? Guys like this need to smarten the hell up and talk to their wives instead of smacken them around like an old tire. Its people like this guy who give men a bad name, they have no respect.

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