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Cheney's Parka

Dick Cheney wears a goofy looking coat to a ceremony, in Poland on Thursday, marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and he's gets shit on by a whole bunch of people, including many major news sources. Full story here

First off, I agree, it is a stupid looking coat that I wouldn't personally wear to that type of ceremony, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Cheney was there and no doubt was deeply affected by the ceremony, just as many other world leaders were. A stupid looking coat doesn't change that.

Secondly, if this was anybody but Cheney or Bush, this wouldn't be a news story within the main stream media at all. If Putin shows up in a sweater his mother knit him, the media doesn't say a word about it, I guarantee it. Only Cheney and Bush could get this type of reaction from such a situation.

Here's a quick question. If someone showed up to a funeral for one of your family members with a coat on the same as Cheney's, would you berate them and make fun of them for showing up dressed differently from everybody else? Or would you just thank them for coming and paying their respects? My guess is that you thank them for just being there, that is unless you're a complete ass.

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