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Bravest Pilots in the World

Canada has the best and bravest helicopter pilots in the world, believe me, we do. Not only do they fly old and unreliable helicopters such as the Sea King, but now these same pilots are getting fed food that is as old as the machines that they fly. Full story here

Starting in Sept of 2003, until now, there as been a few incidents where aircrews have been given box lunches that have contained spoiled food.
"During the past year there have been several incidents involving sub-standard aircrew box lunches provided to Shearwater flying units,"
"These include mouldy bread, rancid sandwich meat and expired milk. The consumption of spoiled food in aviation could result in an accident and, potentially, loss of life if aircrew experience incapacitation during critical flight phases."
We can blame the government for the old unreliable helicopters, but the food problem is the fault of inexperienced staff. I hope that the problem gets sorted out soon, the country's helicopter pilots are doing the country a great service and have enough to worry about, without having to worry about getting sick because someone gave them ten day old milk.

[ Via Neale News ]

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