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Back To The Pictures

I was perusing today and came across a link to this article by John Ross.

The article deals with the pictures taken of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison. John has an interesting take on the controversy by saying it is quite possible that the pictures were taken and released to the public as part of a phychological-warfare operation. John first discusses cultural differences between Arabs and your average Western and explains how these differences can be used to create an operational advantage. Without reproducing the entire thing I'll just leave you with the money quote:
Those pictures said volumes. They said "We're your worst fucking nightmare: We're Americans. Our women are stronger than your men. Our littlest women will strip naked the strongest men you can muster, and make fun of their puny cocks while enjoying a cigarette. Our women love to get naked, love sex, and revel in the sexual prowess of their American male partners. They'll put impotent "men" like you naked on leashes whenever they want. America is the most powerful country in the world, and guess what? Women control 70% of its money and 100% of its pussy. What are you going to do about it? Behead some Jewish "contractor"? Fat lot of good that's going to do. We'll put on some hearings for show, but you know the truth: we'll do whatever we want whenever we want, and we'll have our women do it. Just for fun. Think we're kidding? Wait 'til you see our beer ads."
I should mention that there is no proof that the whole controvery was intentionally staged (nor do I believe there was) but John's reasoning is quite solid.

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