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Weaponization of Space

Is anybody else getting sick of hearing Jack Layton talk about the weaponization of space? He just can't seem to shut up about it. The NDP are even claiming that Mr. Layton is suffering from "systematic harassment" at the hands of Liberal and Conservative MPs when he raises questions in the house.

Maybe Mr. Layton wouldn't be harassed, if every second sentence out of his mouth wasn't about the weaponization of space. He's like a broken record, he just goes on and on. I think we should send Mr. Layton, as Canada's representation, to outer space on a permanent assignment until he finds some weapons. Wouldn't that be a good idea?

Maybe Mr. Layton is just a strong supporter of preemptive air strikes, to combat the threat of nuclear attack. Maybe Mr. Layton is all for the bombing of all nuclear related sites that Iran and North Korea have. Maybe he thinks that would be easier and cheaper than actually building a missile shield. Could it be that Jack just wants the simplest solution to an emerging problem?

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