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Socialist Paradise

I sure am glad I don't live in a socialist paradise, because I'm afraid, I'd have been murdered for the good of the cause long ago. Here are a couple of quotes that talk about how socialism usually leads to more death and destruction than paradise for many.
"They would speed the people, full steam ahead, along the route to socialism into the bright future. But the expectation was that for the sake of that bright future the majority of the population must be exterminated. Otherwise, because of its backwardness, it would only hinder entry into the socialist paradise."
"The tyrant grows from a root called popular representation. To begin with he smiles at and embraces all whom he meets... He promises much... But having become a tyrant and realizing that the citizens who made possible his elevation now condemn him... The tyrant will be forced willy-nilly to destroy those who condemn him, until he has neither friends nor enemies left."
I find it very amusing that socialists think for the sake of equality, harmony and paradise, that people must be exterminated on a large scale. How screwy is that logic anyway?

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