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Kathy On Canada/US Relations

Kathy Shaidle from has a good take (free registration required) on Canada/US relations:
This morning, news of Mr. Bush's imminent landing was dwarfed on newspaper front pages by the announced winner of The Greatest Canadian contest: Tommy Douglas, the prairie politician who's the grandfather of that socialized health-care system I mentioned before.

Waiting time in a Montreal emergency ward is more than 36 hours, MRI machines are practically illegal, and World War II veterans get hip replacements two years after diagnosis (assuming they haven't died in the interim) – but, hey, free Canadian health care is the greatest thing in the world! A government entitlement that stinks . That's our proudest accomplishment.

Most Canadians will mutter good riddance when the president flies away. The sooner he goes back to his "horrible country" – the one that protects us (because our underfunded military can't) and invents the cool stuff we can't afford (because our taxes are so high) and produces people with energy, vision and pride – the sooner we can go back to feeling superior.
Go read it all.

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