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Just Wondering

People who are against the missile defense shield, seem to be awfully concerned about having weapons in space. Why is that? With all the world's countries combined, they enough nuclear and conventional weapons to kill everybody on the planet several times over, so why are these people so anal about having a few weapons in space? Space based weapons are not going to make us less safe, you can only die once you know.

Is the United States supposed to sit back and stagnate their weapons technology, so that larger nations like China can catch up and surpass them in military strength? Or sit back and let smaller nations like Iran and North Korea intimidate whom ever they please?

I don't know about you, but I like having America as the world's strongest power, its too bad Canada doesn't play a larger roll in world affairs, but we only have ourselves to blame for that. To tell you the truth, I'm not very fussy about having my life in the hands of the Chinese politburo or on the whims of Kim Jong-Il. That scares me a lot more than having weapons in space.

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