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I've Hit the Point of No Return

Today I've made a life altering decision. I am officially breaking up with the NHL, I wish that I could give them the old, it's not you it's me routine, but that would be a lie, the NHL is 100% to blame and I'm not afraid to say it. This relationship has been a one sided affair for too long, I've been neglected and taken for granted. If the NHL were an actual women, I would have ended the relationship long ago, so why have I stayed faithful this long? I guess the NHL is all I ever knew.

I've canceled my TV package, my magazine subscriptions, took my favorite team's web address out of my favorites and declared that I will not send another dollar on the league again. I am sick and tired of hearing players, owners and agents talk about how they only want what's fair for themselves. I guess I just have reached the point where I don't care about the teams or players anymore.

So this post is just to let all you selfish bastards that are involved with this work stoppage know, that I'm done as an NHL fan. I'll still watch some local hockey, but my sports interest is going to be elsewhere. Losing one fan my not make much of a dent in anybody's pocket book, but I hope there's more like me that make the NHL and the NHLPA pay for their selfish behavior.

Now I look forward to Saturday for a different reason, I was always a casual fan of the English Premiership and have been a supporter of Chelsea for years, now soccer has taken over hockey's place in my heart. And with Roman Abramovich taking over ownership of the team, its like I've won the lotto! Nothing is going to stop the Blues, especially those wankers from Newcastle, right Damian.

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