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Holiday Blogging

The annual conference and Christmas party for the staff at canadiancomment just wrapped up. This year's event was held at my house, but for next year's event we may have to rent the community center or something, you should have seen the lineup of VIPs waiting to get in to rub shoulders with all the movers and shakers in attendance. I think even CNN's Tucker Carlson was trying to get in, sorry Tucker, no bowties allowed.

Actually, it was just Dana and I, nobody else wanted to hang out with us, I guess. Who could blame them, we aren't that exciting. All we did was try and come to an agreement on what our secret rightwing agenda will be for the coming year. We couldn't decide on whether it should be to, control the world's oil supply or allow corporations to run our everyday lives. It's a toss up.

Anyway, I'm just shitting you.. maybe, about the whole secret agenda thing. All we actually did was trade books and play the Playstation and eat chocolates, that and talk about the media and politics, of course. Shit, we really are boring, oh well, have a happy New Year everybody!

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