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Do People In Damascus like Bush?

The answer to the title's question seems to be yes. Here are a few quotes from Tyler Golson, an english teacher who works in Damascus, who just happens to be a Kerry supporter.
"Since I began teaching in Damascus six months ago, I have been continually surprised to find support and even admiration for Bush in that city, mixed in with the usual polemics about American imperialism. The presumed wildfire of anti-American and anti-Bush sentiment that has consumed much of Europe and Asia has apparently skipped over parts of the Arab world,"
"I came to realize something that the Democrats could never admit: that there exists a support base for both the Republicans' domestic and foreign agenda among the very people we thought most opposed current U.S. policy."
Very strange indeed, Syrians like President Bush more than Canadians, Europeans and millions of Americans do. The very people that are supposedly being attack by Bush, like him more than the people that he is defending. Makes you wonder.

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