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Do Burglars have Rights Too?

Here is a follow up article, to Dana's post on how the British government is limiting the ability of homeowners to defend themselves in their own homes against burglars.

It seems that the British government is split on whether to give homeowners more freedom to defend their homes from criminal invasions. Lord Goldsmith, the attorney-general, seems to be in favor of the status quo,
"But we have to recognise that others have some rights as well. They don't lose all rights because they're engaged in criminal conduct."
I tend to agree with the other side of the argument. I just can't seem to get my mind around giving a burglar or sex offender who has broke into your home the same rights as the homeowner.
"Of course all human beings have rights, but when somebody enters your home to commit a crime they give up a large portion of them."
A home is sacred, a home is your sanctuary. For some low life to try and take that away from you is very serious, and whatever happens to them is good enough for them. A country's laws should be in favor of the homeowner, there's no doubt in my mind.

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