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Calling all Nudists

Seeing as tourism was down on PEI this year, I figured I'd do my part and try to sell the Island a little bit and give out some free advertising for the tourist industry. Full story here

In recent news, the Island's only nudist resort, the Oasis Resort, have received permission from municipal authorities to expand their operation with a campground. The Island is open for business to all nudists, so come and enjoy PEI in the nude. But remember, only come in the summer, otherwise you may freeze your stuff.

That's good news for nudists! Apparently this is a growth industry, as owner and operator of the resort, Gary Lowther, states here.
"They're saying tourism is down, but this is a market that keeps going up,"
Yup you heard the man, it "keeps going up", I wonder if he meant to use those exact words? Anyway, for anybody who was worried about how a small rural province would deal with a nudist resort, Jack McAndrew, a P.E.I. writer and commentator says its a non-issue.
"Nobody got drunk and ran through Cavendish in the nude, no horrible things resulted from it that anyone could document. So there is nothing to make a fuss about."
So there you go, no trouble, no clothes, no worries. Just bring your money and the family to PEI and relax by the campfire, but remember, not too close to the fire. That is unless your trying to unfreeze your stuff.

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