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Atlantic Canadians Enjoy their Christmas

In a recent survey, it appears that Atlantic Canadians are the most generous when it comes to gift giving time at Christmas. Diane Brisebois, president and CEO of the Retail Council of Canada is not surprised by the findings of the survey. Full story here
"There is no question that we certainly sense through the different surveys done over the years that there is a very big tradition in Atlantic Canada of families and friends gathering together during the holidays,"
It's goes to show you the type of people we are here in Atlantic Canada, we lead the poll not only in generosity, but also how much we enjoy family gatherings and office parties. But I have to wonder if the results of this poll are because, we have less to do than the more urban parts of Canada, or is it simply because of our solid up bringing and stronger family values?

I tend to think its a combination of the two, Maritimers typically have a more rural up bringing than most Canadians. This leaves us with less to do for entertainment than people in the bigger cities and communities across Canada, which makes us rely more on family and friends. I think that our environment in which we are raised, puts us in a position to be more family orientated. But if anyone has some insight into the subject, feel free to post a comment.

[ Via Breaking Canadian News ]

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