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Abbas Making the Right Moves

I have always thought that if the Palestinians were willing to use peaceful methods, instead of the violence favored by Yasser Arafat, they would of had a much better chance of getting their own state. Using nonlethal methods of protest would have put them on par with Israel in the eyes of much of the world, making a agreement between the two more likely. In the past it has been too easy to dismiss the Palestinian side because of their reliance on terrorism.

Sure terrorism got their cause noticed worldwide in the early years, but it should have been abandoned long ago in favor of a different and more peaceful route. Their leaders never prepared the people to move past the use of violence as the only means of getting a state. But lately, Mahmoud Abbas seems to be the man to lead the Palestinians to a brighter, more peaceful and prosperous future.

Last week Abbas apologized to Kuwait, because the Palestinians supported Saddam Hussein in the first gulf war. This week he is saying what so many already know, that the armed uprising of the last four years has been a mistake and that Palestinians should only use nonlethal means to acquire a state.
"The use of weapons is harmful and it should stop,"
Its been a long time that I've waited to hear a leader of the Palestinian people say those words. Let's just hope that Abbas gets himself elected and has a strong mandate from his people to lead them in a more productive manner than the old corrupt leadership did. Peace depends on a strong and accountable Palestinian government.

It seems to me like its now or never for the Israelis and Palestinians to put the past behide themselves and cooperate on a future together. We can only hope that Abbas wins out over the likes of Hamas and the other rejectionist groups, because if he doesn't things are only going to get worse instead of better, and that is unthinkable.

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