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Suha Arafat's Lifestyle is Familiar

Suha Arafat lives a pretty comfortable lifestyle in Paris, away from the misery of the West Bank where her husband Yasser lives, whom I might mention, she has not seen since violence in the region started to pick up again in 2000. Suha lives on a estimated budget of 100, 000 dollars a month, but she says she deserves the money she gets, because she helps represent the Palestinian people. Imagine that, what an outrage!

Most people would agree that this is a enormous waste of money, and would not stand for this type of behavior from their leaders. But I am here to tell you different. We do let own leaders and officials get away with this type of behavior, maybe on a smaller scale, but we still do all the same. For example, how much money does Governor General Adrienn Clarkson spend while she represents Canada? Or how about Paul Martin campaigning in the countries private jet, funded by taxpayers before the last year's election?

So just remember that the next time you read a report in the newspaper about how a dictator or government official from a third world nation is pissing away the countries resources on themselves and wonder how the inhabitants of that country let them get away with such waste. It can and does happen outside the third world, if you need proof, look no further than Canada and its comfortable and cozy Liberal party.

Update @ 9:45

I know Suha Arafat is concerned that people are wanting to bury her husband while he's still alive. But she should take heart in the fact that many people are actually waiting for him to die before they start celebrating, take Dennis Miller for instance.

To start off tonight's show, Miller pulls out a bottle of bubbly in a bucket of ice, and puts it on the top of his desk. For about 10 seconds I had no idea where he was going with it, but then much to my amusement, he announces that he is just keeping it close just incase Yasser Arafat dies while he's on the air. That Dennis, he's prepared for anything.

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