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Some Insane Quotes

I was doing some surfing around some Democratic blogs and couldn't help but notice how unhinged they were getting as the night went along. Here are some examples.
"I am joining Al Qaeda. Will coordinate suicide bombings in all red states starting tomorrow. Any volunteers?"
"Civil war anyone? let's truly become blue-staters. union blue. we fought to take this country from the british, we fought to keep this country together, why not wage one last battle for the heart and soul of america."
"I hate the fucking South. Would you dumbass redneck racist fundamentalist crackers do the rest of the country a favor and secede from the Union again? Jeeezus, I hate you people. Seriously, fuck your redneck asses."
"This is not about Bush, this is not about the Republicans, it is about the voters or at least a little more than half of them. They are not stupid, they are racist and sexist and they use their religion and objection to abortion for justification, because it makes them feel that it is then OK to be racist and sexist. It isn't just Muslim extremists who want to turn back the clock."
"I predict that Osama will bomb the shit out of us at some point in the near future. Hopefully it will be a red state and not a blue one. For all of you liberal brethern in the red state, my advice to you is get the hell out as fast as you can."
And these people are supposed to be kind and caring Democrats, who think that all people should be treated equally. People that act like this have a lot of growing up to do, this is exactly the type of behavior that is dividing America and shouldn't be tolerated by either party. The beauty of a working of democracy is having people except defeat in elections as well as they except victory, in America they have a long way to go.

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