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Remembrance Day Should be National Holiday

For all the complaining I do about Gov. Gen. Adrienne Clarkson, I have to admit she is right on this one. Remembrance Day should be a statutory national holiday, all Canadians should get the day off to reflect on what our veterans did for the country.
"I want the veterans to be honoured; I want the people who sacrificed themselves to be honoured in the utmost way we can honour them; and, if we honour them through a statutory holiday with all the sort of things that are built up around it, then I will stand by that,"
I think this would be the right thing to do. Most provinces, including my home province, Prince Edward Island, already give everybody the day off on November 11th, it's time for Quebec and Ontario to follow. It's not very often that Ontario and Quebec are in the position to follow P.E.I.'s lead, but in this case they both should.

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