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Pimping Ain't Easy!

Just for a change of pace today I'm going to quote comrade Jack Layton, the leader of Canada's Communist NDP party, and not even make fun of him once. Ooops, I guess I already did with the comrade crack. Oh well, on with the post.

Jack Layton has been giving Liberal Immigration Minister, Judy Sgro a hard time lately because of the whole Strippergate affair. Yesterday he accused Sgro of pimping for the sex trade, by approving visas, so strippers can enter Canada easily and find jobs as pealers in Canadian clubs. Here is what Layton had to say. Full story here
"The visa program we have is reprehensible. It is essentially provided for women from very poor countries to come to Canada and dance for Canadian men and get involved in the sex trade,"
"The Liberals are essentially pimping for the sex trade. It's really quite shocking,"
Maybe Layton actually has a point, many people think that these young women are taken advantage of because of the situations they are put in once they reach Canada. They often have no money or family to rely on and are often more desperate to find and maintain full time jobs as strippers. Which leads club owners to seek these foreign girls out because of their willingness to do more of the industry's dirty work than Canadian girls.

I'm sure some of these women that have gotten into Canada in this manor, and have gone on to get university degrees or found other employment, but I can't imagine they are in the majority. If this is the case, then Canada is harming more young women than it is actually helping. Which would lead me to conclude that this program should be ended as soon as possible. What do you think?

[ Via Neale News ]

Update @ 9:52pm

For more on this topic, go over and check out Trudeaupia. I really like how the picture of Paul Martin handing a Canadian flag to a little girl while he was on his trip to the Sudan was worked into the story. "So, do any of you women strip?" That's classic!

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